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Why Home Staging Works

Home Staging is a process of preparing your home to sell fast and has become a necessity in the home selling process. Gone are the days when buyers remodeled and updated their new home themselves. Today, people live extremely busy lives with hectic schedules around work and family. This in turn creates the need for a turn key property. Your house will have a greater chance of selling for full price when you've created a listing that requires no improvements. That's the difference between selling a Staged home quickly, and the house down the road that brings in less money because of all the concessions needed to make the property desirable for the buyer to consider.

Home Staging has proven to shorten the days your home will be on the market. This process helps market and package your home to appeal to the right audience for your home. Most people want to stage their home themselves, but when you live in a home day to day, it’s nearly impossible to be objective about it. When you decorate a home you decorate it to your taste…your own individual needs and personal taste. When we stage a home we focus on making it appeal to the eye of many people, making it look spacious, cleaner, brighter, and warmer. Home Staging is not just inside the home, it’s outside too. When the potential home buyer drives past your home that is the first impression that they will get. Letting them decide whether or not to keep it on the list or not. We like to make sure that your home gets a WOW factor that will help the home buyer to keep it on their list. Give us a call or email us today and set up an appointment for a consultation. During this time we will recommend things to change to make your home ready to sell and to sell fast!

When a potential home buyer walks into your home and there is nothing there, it makes it harder for them to visualize where things will go and how it will look. Often times questions come up….where will my furniture go?, will the sofa fit?, what is this room used for? These questions bog them down leading them to leave the house a lot faster. The home buyer will stay in the home and linger longer when a home is filled and staged in the proper way. This makes a home stand out from other homes, commanding the attention of new buyers and agents. Helping you receive offers quicker. If you have a vacant home in the Central PA area we invite you to call us today and schedule a consultation. During this time we will recommend things to help your home sell faster and potentially for more money!

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