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Who has time to create an interior space that is exactly what you want to relax in every day? Whether it's running kids to sports practice and games, working, cleaning, our to do lists never end. We are here to help and bring a big sigh of relief to your family. Our design team loves getting to know their client and are trained to listen for the spoken and unspoken needs and desires for each space that needs attention.

We offer two (2) hour consultations to discuss in detail all the wants and needs the homeowner or business client desires for the space. We will look at wall color, flooring options, look online for ideas and inspiration, and go into as much detail as our two hours allow. Various photographs are taken of the room and of what items will be used or replaced, to reference for shopping purposes both online and locally, and for creating the design sketches. The consultation is considered phase 1 of the Redesign.

Once the consultation is completed, the client then needs to decide if our services are completed, or if we will enter into Phase II of shopping and installing the final product called a Retainer Fee. This fee is needed because a great deal of time is dedicated to researching and shopping for the perfect products online, or at a local store, creating the design sketch, then doing the installation. The hours vary for each client for shopping, but installation is usually up to two hours per room. We have worked with most styles and most budgets. Our talented Designers love to think outside the box and also has access to excellent professional resources in any industry related to residential homes and commercial properties.

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